Is Bitcoin the future of international finance?

In 2008, a paper called Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System began to float around the internet. Shortly afterwards, Bitcoin became a software program on the laptops of the nerdy and inquisitive. Libertarian economists have long railed against the existence...

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Quick-fire Q&A with Jannie Mouton

What are your 6 tips for aspiring business people – what are your secrets to success? Focus on opportunities instead of lying awake worrying about threats Surround yourself with the best people and give them a share in the company so you work together Honest,...

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The power of price

South African manufacturers and retailers face headwinds from every direction. In addition to rising fuel and electricity input costs and changing customer behaviour, an influx of international competition and escalating bad debt levels have placed further pressure on...

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Coaching Circles

Research shows that Coaching Circles are regarded as one of the best ways to develop people and build strong, resilient organisations. Coaching Circles is a modality that involve groups of managers working together to coach and dialogue in a supportive environment as...

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An overview of South African cities and provinces

Metros A metropolitan municipality provides all the functions of local government for a city or conurbation. Out of the 287 municipalities in South Africa, eight are metros. Metros are growing twice as fast as other cities and towns and also have higher (+/- 40%)...

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Visionary top companies in South Africa and government departments seek to partner with empowered, high performance companies. These partnerships result in an exchange of only the best products and services, most competitive prices and highest levels of service efficiency. Such relationships raise the corporate performance bar higher and uplift the economy as a whole, but they begin here: in the pages of South Africa’s Top Performing Companies.

The Top Performing Companies research team spends a full year ensuring that only genuine corporate leaders are profiled, based on a comprehensive survey across thousands of top companies. This sets the benchmark for measuring actual corporate performance.

The readership includes, but is not limited to premiers, CEOs, CFOs, industry analysts and commentators, senior executives of the DTI, the BMF, the Government Leadership Academy, business schools, representatives of the Presidency and embassies, and many others who are interested in top performance.

Topco Media, the top performing company behind Top Performing Companies, was established in 1996 and has published over 30 major annual B2B publications. Topco Media has mounted 33 national conferences attracting thousands of delegates, and 14 national business award programmes, including the Top Women Awards and the Metropolitan Oliver Empowerment Awards, as well as the prestigious National Business Awards – probably South Africa’s premier awards programme.


The Top Performing brand has become synonymous with success. A special thanks to our partners who have supported us over the years.

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