​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The world is constantly changing and the way companies do business is changing too. The volume of people who are connected online and are digitally-enabled now dwarfs traditional channels. The Digital age is upon us.

“Digital” describes new technologies that allow us to do things that were not possible in the past. Digital merges the virtual and physical world and is about the automation of any process or activity; about networking people and companies through social channels; about optimizing the cost of infrastructure and applications; and about being able to access and interpret a myriad of data to understand customers, optimise business operations and become more predictive in everyday life.

The underlying technologies that have facilitated this include Mobile, Cloud, Social Channels, Analytics and In-memory computing. More technologies will arrive in the future and continue to facilitate further change.

It is now common knowledge that humans spend more time in the Digital world than they do sleeping and that most customers will spend time with you digitally first before they spend time with you physically.

Research has shown that Digital transformation could increase profits by 40-50% or destroy profits by 30-40% if you don’t transform your business and that customers who utilize Digital capabilities have a higher retention.

​Digital is the new normal

At Britehouse we understand that every industry will be digitally transformed and we need to assist our customers in enabling Digitally-ready IT. Nobody can predict what the future will bring but at Britehouse we intend to be the first to find out.

We are an African-based company providing industry leading Digital solutions to fellow African and global companies. We focus on employing the best people and priding ourselves on our ability to deliver. We partner with the best technologies such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft and complement these with our own mobile and software products. We put the power of social into our customer’s hands, with Big Digital solutions that bring together the new world of work, offering a social business approach to big data, knowledge sharing, collaboration and the customer experience.

Our solutions can be delivered through customised and pre-packaged On-Premise Solutions. We implement the technology faster, allowing customers to extract value from the solution sooner, giving our clients a jump start on their Digital journey.

We deliver Cloud Applications and Services, providing complete system access without the responsibility of maintaining hardware, software or even conn​​ectivity and all of our solutions and services are built to be “mobile ready”. Plus we offer exceptional Application Outsource and Support to each and every client, formatted to suit their needs either through remote or on-site support or completely outsourced staff and application systems.

Britehouse – Digitally enabling businesses
Digital Futurology​​



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February 20, 2017

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