Kinetsu World Express

Kinetsu World Express

Kintetsu World Express South Africa or KWE ZA as we are more commonly known, originated back in 1997 through the acquisition of Freightech, a locally-owned company. The new entity soon became known as a pacesetter and began to achieve the recognition of its industry peers. In 2005, for instance, KWE ZA was presented with the Platinum Award for Logistics Excellence in Supply Management and in 2009, received a coveted Logistics Achievers Silver Award.

KWE ZA functions as the official gateway into Africa and reports to Europe, Middle East & Africa, one of the 5 regional management systems supporting the KWE global network.

As a leader in the field of integrated logistics services, the KWE SA office plays a key role in the global logistics management of aerospace, automotive and high technology vertical markets. Our value added logistics services with tailor-made ‘just-in-time’ technology and delivery solutions formed an integral part of our customers’ business operations.

Our staff – more than just part and parcel

Each of our 180 staff members know that they are an integral asset and major contributor to the success of our clients’ business, as well as our own. Skills development, coaching and learnership programmes ensure that we nurture our skills pool and provide them with the necessary world-class training. Our training investment embraces all skills levels.

Global socio-conscience

Through our corporate activities, both in local communities and on the world stage, we strive to be a responsible corporation that is fair, highly ethical and one that earns society’s trust. KWE follows international rules aimed at protecting the global environment and uses resources with care.


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October 28, 2013

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