Malala-Tau Tourism

Malala-Tau Tourism

Malala-Tau Tourism Services is a BEE company which was established in 2003, it became NAFCOC member in 2004 and it is also a member of South Africa Leisure and Tourism Association.

Malala-Tau has been pivotal in educating local and international tourist such as movie makers, journalist and representatives from foreign government

We will be the dominant and most efficient provider of safe, reliable and economic private transport providers in the South African Tourism industry.

Malala-Tau is at the forefront of a continually improving, customer-focused private transport service. We strive to ensure:

Innovation; With innovation in strategy and planning, Malala-Tau can enter new business ventures, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Safety; Our passengers come first and therefore their safety in terms of vehicle standards and driver consistency is essential.

Reliability; A reliable, punctual service in terms of the flight details, pick and drop off.

Efficiency; To ensure that the service is streamlined demand-driven

Sustainability; To ensure that Malala-Tau is here to stay from a financial, human resource and service and service perspective

Environmental consciousness; To be conscious of the built and natural environment in all activities that Malala-Tau undertakes



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October 16, 2014

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