PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering (Pty) Ltd

PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering (Pty) Ltd

PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1969 by Artur Schwörer († 2009) and has its head office located in Weissenhorn, Germany. The company’s name is derived from the Greek preposition “peri-”, which means “around”. The formwork surrounds the concrete – the scaffolding surrounds the building. 40 years later, this family-managed business is one of the top 50 companies in the federal state of Bavaria. Over the last few years, it has achieved above-average escalation in turnover, as well as growth in new staff appointments.

The PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering (Pty) Ltd range of services goes far beyond equipment sales and rental. In order to provide the most economical option possible, more than 850 PERI engineers worldwide develop customised solutions for the construction industry. In addition to rental equipment services, cleaning, repair, formwork assembly, seminars, and workshops at PERI training centres and on-site briefings, the company has developed its own planning software which offers comprehensive services dedicated to formwork and scaffolding technology, perfectly tailored to the needs of the construction industry.

The organisation has unlimited expertise and experience in the civil infrastructure and building sectors as well as in related fields of construction. PERI’s ability to offer proven local formwork solutions commonly referred to as conventional formwork, combined with the world-renowned PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering (Pty) Ltd range of products, offers its clients a full range of solutions and services. PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering (Pty) Ltd Southern Africa provides solutions and services from nine branches across the South Africa as well as three strategically-located sales depots.

Fully-fledged branches in Namibia and Mozambique add to our footprint in Southern Africa. A business development arm ensures that we have a presence in the majority of Sub-Saharan countries. “Growth has been pleasing over the past few years in what remains a challenging Construction sector. I can only attribute this to our committed team, products, service and loyal customers”, say’s MD Johan Cilliers.


Year founded: PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering (Pty) Ltd, Southern Africa, formerly known as Wiehahn Formwork and Scaffolding, was established in 1968 and acquired by PERI in 2011.
Founding members: Artur Schwörer
Employees: 6 500 employees, (750 employees in South Africa), and 52 subsidiaries
Branches: Local head office based in Stellenbosch
Memberships: MBASA
Current customer base: Ranging from small to Blue Chip Construction companies across the region.
Your company’s top brands: PERI
New products: MAXIMO Wall Formwork, LICO Column Formwork, PERI UP ROSETT scaffolding, and shoring equipment, VARIOKIT  and VST for civil infrastructure projects, and PROKIT safety equipment.
New acquisitions: PERI generally, do not adopt an acquisition approach and focus on developing new markets and sectors.

Description of activity: Manufacturers and engineering service providers
Products/services offered: Supplier of formwork, scaffolding, and engineering solutions
Export activity: New business development in sub-Saharan Africa

Industrial standards: Certified according to internationally-accepted standards
Environmental health and safety standards: Compliant with the OSCHACT of South Africa, as well as various engineering codes, FSC Chain of Custody for Timber products.
ISO rating: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Recent awards: Diamond Arrow Award for 2013 Formwork and Scaffolding Supplier
Recent major contracts: Sasol Head Office, Mall of the South, Central Square, Zuikerbosch water treatment plant, Simon Vermoten bridge across N4 and Solar thermal projects
Recent exhibitions/trade shows/ conventions: BAUMA Africa 2013

Empowerment rating: Level-4 B-BBEE provider (100 percent procurement recognition) verified by Empowerdex

1 | PERI SA is one of the top 10 largest subsidiaries of PERI international, subject to exchange fluctuations.

2 | Approximately 40 percent of revenue is derived from conventional formwork products.

3 | PERI manufacturing generates its own power through the biofuel plant, and supplies the local community when excess power is generated.

4 | Ranked as an investment grade organisation by Moody’s internationally.

5 | Formwork is the principle variable, in project management, that can be exploited to expedite a successful development.


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April 22, 2014

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