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William Mzimba, winner – Accenture

Congratulations on winning the 2013 National Business Awards (NBAs) in Diversity in the Workplace Award. How did it feel when you heard the company’s name being called out?

Exhilarating and motivating! It is indeed an honour to lead this dynamic team of individuals who share a common goal, which is influenced by excellence in whatever service we give to our clients. To have a diverse team helps us to tap into each other’s strengths, as well as to share the best practices. All of these factors epitomise our principles and values.

Why is the Diversity in the Workplace Award important to Accenture as an organisation?

It’s an affirmation of the great work environment we have, and continue to improve, for all Accenture employees. It is also acknowledgement that the investment made from both a financial and time perspective is being recognised externally. It also acknowledges that the bigger goal to affirm is being realised.

What does winning the Award mean to

the organisation?

This is a significant measure of return on investment in diversity and it’s an honour to be recognised as the best in this area in South Africa. It further emphasises that Accenture is on track with respect to its diversity agenda and legacy. It further enhances the role the company plays in driving the outcomes needed at a macro level.

What do you think set you apart from the competition for this Award?

We take the widest possible definition of diversity and the nature of our diversity initiatives reflect this. We view diversity holistically and thus address all facets that systemically impact the strategic objectives for diversity. We have unmatched insights and research to demonstrate our expertise across all industries and business functions. In all our actions, we seek practical innovation —insights that can actually be implemented to make a difference in the value and performance of our clients’ businesses. We apply innovation pragmatically, guided by our unmatched experience, to help clients become high-performance businesses.

Will you be entering to defend your title at the next NBAs, and what will Accenture do to make sure it retains the Award?

Yes, continuous improvement. We will be looking for opportunities to innovate and strengthen our offering of diversity initiatives in our workplace, ensuring we are constantly relevant and prepared for any corner the market or Accenture turns into.

What impact do events like the NBAs have on business in South Africa?

Significant, as they are a great platform to showcase best practices for learning and improvement. They are also a great source of good news to share, which is a great way to motivate our employees and prospective employees.

What impact has winning this Award 

had on your organisation?

It has contributed to an already strong positive brand as the best company to work for and a company that’s committed to diversity and transformation. It further inspires us to continue to strive to be the best in this category.

What does the future hold for Accenture?

We want to continue to grow from strength to strength.

Our mission is to help our clients become high-performance institutions.

This mission is complimented by our vision, which is to become one of the world’s leading companies, bringing innovations to improve the way the world works and lives. Is it possible and doable?

Absolutely! We can attribute this possibility through our track record both locally and globally. We have the best people, and we also know how to mobilise the right people, at the right time and place, aligning them with the ultimate goal of


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March 20, 2014

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