Fusion Guarantees

Fusion Guarantees

Our vision:
To become the preferred national credit facility provider of credit guarantees in the South African construction market.

Our mission: 

• To strive towards service excellence

• Hands-on approach

• Flexibility in credit agreement structuring

• Reliability

• Continuous development of new products and services

The company places strong emphasis on small- to medium-sized companies and offers smaller construction companies the chance to learn and benefit from construction guarantees. These products assist contractors to commit to the project and products, such as retention guarantees, assist contractors obtain their well-earned profits that are often held by employers. Fusion Guarantees has assisted contractors since 2006 with over R1.2-billion worth of projects successfully completed by our clients. Our costs are structured in accordance to the National Credit Act and are an advantage to the contractor, as no engineering or surveyor fees are charged.

Year founded: 2006
Founding members: Eugene Louis Becker and Ilse Becker
Employees: 18
Branches: 1
Trade affiliations: Fusion Procurement (Pty) Ltd, Bianca Blanc Wine Distribution Company
Membership: Member of Chamber of Commerce , East Rand and Member of Chamber of Commerce Alexandra Current customer base: 560
Companies top brands: FUSION branded clothing range
New products: Performance guarantees for private builders and procurement services.

Turnover: R5-million to R10-million
Financial Year-End: 28 Feb
Market share: Estimated 5%
Bank: FNB and Investec Bank
Auditors: Johan Zwarts & Associates
Current customer base: Construction industry

Description of activity: Fusion Guarantees (Pty) Ltd is a registered credit provider and FIC accountable institution. The company specialises as a credit provider and offers credit guarantees under secured credit facilities to the construction industry.
Products offered: Performance, retention, maintenance, advance payment, and supplier guarantees, bid bonds and letters of intent.
Services offered: Access to project funding and bridging finance gaps via specialist funders, short-term insurance products via approved financial services providers.

Industrial standards: Registered credit provider NCRCP44276 and FIC Accountable Institution
Recent achievements: Construction projects successfully completed under guarantees issued by Fusion Guarantees (Pty) Ltd estimated at R1.2-billion via small- to medium-sized construction companies.
Recent major contracts: Eastern Cape school development programmes and housing projects for medium-sized contractors.
Recent exhibitions/trade shows/ conventions: Soweto Small Building Contractors Conference

Training programmes: Credit agent training programmes and informative newsletters sent to clients
Employee incentive schemes: Sales incentive programmes
Empowerment initiatives: Focuses on small- to medium-sized construction companies and equips them with the knowledge of guarantees within the credit market.

1 | Fastest turnaround time in the guarantee industry.

2 | Over 560 satisfied clients.

3 | More than 1 000 projects guaranteed in South Africa.

4 | Customer default rate of as low as 0.5%.

5 | Application success rate 98%.


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April 8, 2014

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