Hwibidu Security Services

Hwibidu Security Services

HWIBIDU SECURITY SERVICES CC (“HSS”) was established in 2008 and our motto is to provide our clients with a safe and conducive environment to live and work in.

As a contribution to the community and the nation as a whole, more people should be employed to increase economic stability, security and reduce crime. More jobs and challenging occupations for our young people go a long way to promote good values and attitudes among the citizens throughout of our country.

HWIBIDU has come on board with a targeted marketing structure to service small and big companies by providing pleasant, affordable, unique and excellent services. Our target audience is everyone who needs our service. Competition is important in business, therefore HWIBIDU has already drafted competitive rates for security services. Government and Residential areas also forms part to be one of our potential markets.

HWIBIDU’s overall strategy is based on a deliberate and continuous improvement process of setting objectives and measuring results, reliability, integrity, professionalism and providing feedback to facilitate further growth and progress. HWIBIDU SECURITY SERVICES CC plans are to further develop a marketing alliance with industry and pursue new sales of its services to residential homes.


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October 15, 2014

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