Pfizer South Africa’s Biopharmaceutical Division is part of globally-renowned Pfizer Inc, the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company, whose history dates back to the 1880s.

Pfizer’s vast product range covers a variety of sectors, including oncology, vaccines, cardiovascular, biological medicine, neuroscience, urology, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulation, anti-infectives, pain medication and ophthalmology. Stakeholders include healthcare professionals, patient groups, pharmacy groups, hospital groups, media and government.

The company currently boasts a total workforce of just over 410 employees, and is rated among the Top Five American employers in the country and continues to achieve accolades in its quest to lead the field in the improvement of human life and the battle against disease and disability.

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare is one of South Africa’s leading providers of consumer healthcare products.

Our dedication to improving health worldwide has made Pfizer Consumer Healthcare a top competitor in a number of important over-the-counter (OTC) categories, including analgesics, cold & flu, and dietary supplements. Leading global brands include Centrum® – a multivitamin;Caltrate® – a calcium supplement; and Advil® – an ibuprofen-containing analgesic brand.

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare South Africa is proud to market brands across the major OTC categories: Analgesics (Advil® and Anadin®), Cold & Flu (Advil® Cold & Sinus and Dimetapp®) and Dietary Supplements Centrum® and Caltrate®). Other brands include Preparation H®, SleepEze-PM®, Denorex® and Dristan®.


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November 22, 2013

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