Training at Vega is highly interactive, making for a great learning environment and real-world experience. All courses and degrees are taught within a brand building context.

We believe that successful and innovative brands require a combination of strategic intent and creativity, which is why we aim to incorporate wisdomwithmagic into everything we do.

Vega is influencing the lives of hundreds of students, the communications industry itself and countless other industries where strategic thinking and creativity is valued. If our growth can be attributed to any one thing, it is surely our unwavering dedication to our seven brand values:


  • We believe in creativity with strategic intent
  • We believe in the creative application of borderless knowledge
  • Our studio is the human imagination, and we believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity
  • We strive to always be socially and culturally relevant
  • We believe in always being warmly and immediately human, to allow space for wisdomwithmagic to surface
  • We strive to be on the cutting edge of innovation
  • We link business profit to adding value to the lives of people


Merging formal education and practical experience, our qualifications shape the best and brightest into articulate leaders in brand innovation. Vega, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (Pty) Ltd, delivers a new breed of graduate whose expertise is to generate sustainable brand ideas that can build businesses. Vega strives to be a globally acclaimed school leading in the teaching and practice of sustainable and innovative brand ideas.


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May 6, 2014

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