Alex de Bruyn is the CEO of DoshEx, a South African company pioneering the development of crypto-tokens and digital assets, as well designing and deploying smart contracts and distributed business networks.

“We want to drive the adoption of distributed ledger technology and tokenisation on an enterprise level, to start connecting business networks and value systems. We believe that to get the individual in the street empowered by blockchain technology, it needs to be adopted by the businesses that they interact with.”

What exactly is a tokenised solution? Alex explains: “A token is the representation of value. That value can be derived by numerous components, either the value of an underlying physical asset or the value of products or services that could be acquired within an organisation, to name a couple.”

According to Alex, how that token interacts and governs the business model it is associated with, is the tokenised solutions that his company focuses on building, to give control and incentive back to the holders of the respective token holders.

Tokenisation is still a nascent concept in South Africa, however, it holds invaluable solutions for the country. “Tokenised solutions ultimately empower the holders of those tokens and drives incentive to the edges where the end-users of the enterprise are aligned to the well-being of the enterprise. Tokenisation gives enterprises the ability to access markets without friction, in a way that they would not previously be able to due to the limitations of the traditional value system. It simultaneously gives the local enterprises the ability to globalise their business very seamlessly and efficiently, driving local economic growth for the enterprise and ultimately the country.”

Tokenised solutions are currently disrupting the industry. “It is driving the innovation of new ways of interacting and thinking of trust in networks. It is driving the innovation of new business models around the incentive models of all stakeholders in an organisation, who can all hold respective tokens within a business model and does not exclude anyone that previously would have been.”

Alex says that in a space that moves so rapidly, it is important to read a lot in order to stay abreast of the latest technological developments. “My partners and I are constantly reading and sharing anything we find interesting. As part of that a continuous drive to reach out and network with key individuals in the space, helps for collaborative learning and growth across the industry.”