Finalists announced for the 12th Annual National Business Award

Written by Vernon Cheung

October 2, 2014

PPC Ltd, Business Connexion and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals are among the elite organisations to have been shortlisted as finalists for the Annual National Business Awards. 

This year, over 100 companies covering a range of categories, including Top Performing Entrepreneur of 2014, Top Young Executive of the Year, Infrastructure Development Award, Investing in People Award, and National Business of the Year, have entered the Awards. To be shortlisted as a finalist, companies must meet certain criteria, such as boasting an annual turnover of at least R35 million, showing strong year-on-year growth, and providing a compelling motivation.

“The race for the National Business of the Year Award is going to be very intriguing. There are several strong contenders that the judges are going to have a tough time separating,” says Topco Media’s Group Editor Nick Krige. “If the strength of the entries for this category is any indication of the health of business in South Africa, we have a very exciting future ahead of us.”

Sheri Morgan, Head of the National Business Awards Nominations team explains how there is a lot to expect from the winners this year. “The build-up to the finalist selection has been extremely difficult this year due to the impressive list of entrants for the different categories. This is going to be a tough race. Good luck to all the very worthy companies and individuals that have succeeded thus far.”

Before winners are announced the finalists are submitted to our external panel of judges on the 8 October 2014. The judges will scrutinize the entries and even call on some of the finalists for a panel interview.

In collaboration with the Top Performing Companies publication, the National Business Awards is a prestigious event in which inspirational business leaders from various industries are celebrated for outstanding performance in the world of business and government. The winners will be announced at a gala event at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg on 5 November 2014


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