AfriGIS is a technology innovation company.

We answer WHERE by bringing quality location information to life. Because if you know WHERE, you’ll know when, who and how.

At AfriGIS we answer the where questions of your business by bringing quality location information to life.

We give easy secure access to quality location information and insights.

We do this by building great maps and software tools, adding 3rd party information and giving meaningful insights by summarising the patterns we see.

We deliver these answers to you as reports, or into your own solutions via our mapping and analytics software platforms.

Patterns relate to everything from where potential customers are, to improving the way you do business through geographic optimisation. Closest, Shortest, Fastest.

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and as such our solutions are modular and integrated, for you to choose what you want or simply ask us to discover the answers with you.

The AfriGIS product range and solutions are utilised by over 200 government, parastatals and corporate clients worldwide.

Corporate Social Investment

Making the world a better place is a passion for us. We are involved with various projects in our immediate and extended environment and community. AfriGIS is proud to be involved with:

► Roodeplaat Orphan and Vulnerable Children Care (ROVCC)
► Jacaranda Children’s Home
► Kungwini Welfare Organisation – Paul Jungnickel Home
► POPUP (People Upliftment Programme)
► President Kruger Children’s Home
► Eljada Huis
► Kamcare Social and Training Services
► Dignity Dreams
► Oliver’s House
► Women Against Rape (WAR)
► Wetnose
► Cupcakes of Hope
► Towers of Hope
► hearScreen NEA Foundation
► Freedom Climb

AfriGIS Ethics

AfriGIS is a technology innovation company. We create geographic information & communication solutions,custom made for government, business and the consumer; providing value for money through a process of fair exchange and long term relationships.
We do this by commitment to delivery, relationships, professional ethics and respect for peoples’ diversity, in an environment of honesty and integrity.



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