Club Leisure Group incorporates a variety of points-based leisure and accommodation products structured around the specific needs of its customers. Since its establishment in 1990, Club Leisure Group has become one of the world’s largest leisure management companies, operating across several continents and servicing over 200 000 members worldwide.

The leisure consumer of today is more discerning, sophisticated and demanding than ever before and it is the Group’s ongoing objective to continually enhance services to exceed expectations, thereby achieving and elevating loyalty year after year.

Successful long term relationships with its members, partners and staff are paramount to the Club Leisure Group and new leisure products are continuously being developed to closely match emerging markets, the latest trends and the current economic climate.

The unyielding support structure of Club Leisure Group comprises an extensive administrative and operational infrastructure which includes the entire spectrum of industry services including: product acquisition, marketing, sales, technology, reservations, resort development and resort and club management.

Our Mission Statement

The Group consciously adopts a business philosophy of surpassing the ever-changing leisure expectations of its members and partners. Products are strategically designed to enhance each holiday experience, resulting in a “Partners for Life” philosophy.

Club Leisure Group embraces community development globally and actively supports Christel House in its endeavour to break the cycle of poverty. Christel House, located in South Africa, Mexico, India and Venezuela, is one of the few charities where all proceeds are utilized for children and their development.

Our Product – to offer our members the most superior products in the holiday ownership industry by constantly creating innovative packages and securing the most sought after destinations and servicing these products to internationally accepted standards.

Our People – to dedicate ourselves to the growth and wellbeing of our staff by offering ongoing training, equal opportunities, moral support and leadership thereby instilling a sense of professionalism, honesty and dedication in our future.

Our Members – to acknowledge that without members we would have nothing and to serve them efficiently, courteously and honestly at all times without exception.

Our Business – to be beyond reproach in the way we conduct business in terms of finance, members, suppliers and our opposition and to grow the group successfully to the increased well being of all.

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