Umso Construction (Pty) Ltd is a Black Empowerment Company which was founded in 1996 in co-conjunction with a large corporate construction company and a number of Historically Disadvantaged Individuals. It later was transformed by the current stakeholders to a 100% HDC (Historically Disadvantaged Company) in 2004. It established foot prints in the region, negotiated the expansion of it’s existing client-base and meet the needs of major growth and development of the region. Umso Construction has taken significant steps to alleviate skills shortages through constant training. It’s caliber incorporates a delivery system of the highest order.



  • The company developed capacity on in road building some 15yrs ago and such has been a core business to this day, thus a number of large roads building and rehabilitation projects undertaken to this day. Our expertise are unparalleled particularly due highly skilled technical teams geared to undertake such projects meticulously with high standards on quality and delivery.

  • A particular area of expertise lies in ability of the company to assemble competent teams to undertake larger Earthworks projects including Earth-Dams, Industrial Platforms, Landfills, etc and such requires technical experts whose knowledge of different earth materials and soils can be utilised to optimise our service delivery at all times at a rate higher than normal while maintaining desired integrity of such

  • The company has particularly invested in machinery and equipment understandably so to ensure that projects are services efficiently by deploying reliable resources to haul and transport materials when so required without a heavy reliance on external service providers. This has proven a success on rapid build project such Gautrain and Gauteng Freeway Improvements Projects where haulage of materials in the region has seen unprecedented records due nature of these projects.

  • Over the past 10 years the company engaged in many projects related to Water and Sanitation Services, this was mainly driven by the demand of such services by government in the course to ensure that all South Africans gain access to basic services. A large number of these project were undertaken in rural and peri-urban communities where challenges such as skilled and organised labour are more prevalent due low employment rate that naturally renders most communities unskilled. We have however managed to select potential skills amid such conditions and such are the foremen and team-leaders that the company today proudly deploys on projects of such nature.

  • Bridge construction expertise remain an integral component of road building and it is for this reason that our technical skills in road building need be equally matched with bridge building skills readily available at all times. We have undertaken to establish specially trained and equipped bridge building teams whose knowledge ranges from concrete to steel bridge building. This is further evident in rural communities where the company has undertaken rapid-bridge-building programmes to deliver bridges quicker under the auspice of various government departments.



Contact Details

Physical Address 25 Ray Craib Crescent Beacon Bay
East London 5241
Republic of South Africa
Postal Address P. O. Box 2394
Beacon Bay 5205
Telephone: +27 (0)43 748 4747
Facsimile: +27 (0)43 748 4677

Midrand Office
Physical Address
Block C – Northwing
Whitby Manor, 167 14th Road
Midrand 1685
Telephone +27 (0)11 318 7661
Facsimile +27 (0)11 318 6123

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