What are your 6 tips for aspiring business people – what are your secrets to success?

  1. Focus on opportunities instead of lying awake worrying about threats
  2. Surround yourself with the best people and give them a share in the company so you work together
  3. Honest, transparent, understandable financial reporting every month
  4. Ensure good relationships with loyal shareholders and the banking industry
  5. Never use the word “I” – use the word ‘we”
  6. Give something back

Where is your favourite place?


How do you relax?

I play soduko.

If you can invite 5 people over for dinner – anyone from the past or the present – who would they be?

  • My late father Jan
  • My late mother Juliana
  • My late sister Santie
  • My late wife Dana
  • My wife Deidre – she would do the catering
  • And last but by no means least – what is your favourite dessert?

    Ice cream – chocolate and vanilla win hands down – so much so that I bought my wife an ice cream maker for her birthday.