The 14th Annual Oliver Empowerment Awards

Written by Vernon Cheung

January 19, 2015

Nominations Continue for the Annual Oliver Empowerment Awards

The Oliver Empowerment Awards are taking place at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, on the 23 April 2015. Hosted by Topco Media, these awards recognise and honour outstanding organisations and individuals in South Africa’s empowerment and transformation journey.

South Africa has overcome many challenges in 20 years of democracy and freedom. Today, through the Oliver Empowerment Awards, South Africa is encouraged to embrace the very diversity that once divided us, and unite in celebrating with business and government leaders.

The underlying motivation is to discover organisations and business leaders who are creating a culture of entrepreneurship, developing the best practices and carving out powerful and sustainable models of business for empowerment and transformation in South Africa.

Nominations remain open until 27 February 2015. Enter now!

By entering the Oliver Empowerment Awards, you and your organisation will climb a stepladder to top-level business networking and potential growth.

The awards offer a platform for business leaders in empowerment, transformation, and the economic development sector to access information and connections that they would not normally be privy to. Past winners have been established as transformational leaders in South Africa and gained international recognition.

“This is an important platform to use in order to encourage the industry to take a proactive step in transformation.” Adam Samie, Chief Executive Officer – Lion of Africa Insurance

“It was such an amazing experience for me because I never expected winning The Young Achiever Award. In saying that, it created a massive opportunity for me as I connected with incredibly successful people whom have assisted me with other growth initiatives. In addition, the exposure for my personal brand was incredible, all thanks to this Award. I was encouraged by friends of mine that had entered and had already experienced the benefit of it.” Kate Moodley – Discovery.

Entries for the 14th Annual Oliver Empowerment Awards which can be submitted to Sheri Morgan on 086 000 9590 or

Category List


• Fast Growth Black-Owned SMME Award

• Skills Development Award

• Enterprise and Supplier Development Award

• SED Award

• Job Creation Award

• Diversity Award


• Most Transformed Public Sector Award (Municipality/Agency/Parastatal/SOE)

• Most Transformed Government Department Award


• Top Black Entrepreneur of 2014 Award

• Future Black Leader Award (<40 years)

• Top Black Male Leader of the Year Award

• Top Black Female Leader of the Year Award

• Public Sector Leader Award

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