Bevan Ducasse

Written by Vernon Cheung

March 26, 2018

Bevan Ducasse

Mar 26 Mon 2018

wiGroup – simply remarkable solutions

An interview with CEO, Bevan Ducasse

  • wiGroup is a mobile transaction solutions provider with two core offerings:

  • “wiCode” – a point-of-sale integrated, open and interoperable, mobile  transaction platform, and

  • “wiBlox” – an advanced suite of services which link mobile applications to mobile loyalty, rewards, vouchers, coupons and analytics functionality.

We spoke to wiGroup CEO Bevan Ducasse about starting a business in 2007 that not only weathered the global crash, but has grown by leaps and bounds.

At the age of 24, founder, architect of this space and CEO, Bevan Ducasse one year before the global economic meltdown, decided to follow his dreams and found a startup (operating from his flat in Mouille Point) that provided mobile transaction solutions; today he heads up the company which is garnering awards, growing by leaps and bounds across the globe, and looking forward to what the future holds.

What was it that made you take the leap?

“I had a burning desire to start something new. I wanted to add value to the world, at the same time as creating an environment where people come alive and work with passion in a culture of celebration – doing what you love, with people you love.”

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